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Customization Service

Customization Service

Shirley Shirley 2021-06-18 16:27:56

You can see many exquisite products from our website
In fact, we can provide you with far more than what you see
As a supplier of jewelry packaging, we have 15 years of rich experience
Customized service is the most distinctive business of Yadao

Style customization

You may share your thoughts with us

Button Drawstring Magnet Flap Lid Ribbon Bow Zipper



 Material Customization

Microfiber Velvet Suede Cotton Linen Satin Canvas



 Size Customization

Any size can be completed
You just need to confirm what size will best suit your jewelry
What size do you want most, then let me know
I will calculate different prices for you according to different sizes


Color Customization


Logo Customization


Embossed Hot Stamping Silk Printing Embroidery


You can match it as you like on the basis of the above details
Our professional designers will draw your ideas into pictures
Welcome to share your good ideas with shirley if you have!!