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  • China Logo craft | how will my logo be printed on the pouches? manufacturer
    Release on2021-06-18
    If you want to see your logo is printed on our beautiful pouches Please feel free to share your logo file to shirley...READ MORE>>
  • China How to ship the goods? manufacturer
    Release on2021-06-18
    We have many such packages sent to customers all over the world every day....READ MORE>>
  • China Customization Service manufacturer
    Release on2021-06-18
    You can see many exquisite products from our website In fact, we can provide you with far more than what you see As a supplier of jewelry packaging, we have 15 years of rich experience Customized service is the most distinctive business of Yadao...READ MORE>>
  • China Why so many clients choose Yadao! manufacturer
    Release on2021-06-18
    For many jewelers, there are countless suppliers to choose from. Yadao may not be your only choice, but you can rest assured to give us your project....READ MORE>>
  • China Platinum  care  manufacturer
    Release on2021-04-20
    Hello,This is Yadao Cloth Pouch Manufacturer. Today we talk about how to care for platinum. The collision of platinum and platinum may cause displacement, so it should be stored separately. The platinum is washed with a d...READ MORE>>
  • China Snap pouch of Yadao manufacturer
    Release on2021-04-19
    Hello,This is Yadao Cloth Pouch Manufacturer. There are many styles of pouch,such as drawstring pouch,zipper pouch,snap pouch, botton pouch. Today let me introuduce our snap pouch. This snap pouch is made of microfiber,wi...READ MORE>>
  • China The Crystal manufacturer
    Release on2021-04-16
    Hello,This is Yadao Cloth Pouch Manufacturer. Everybody knows story of Cinderella ,and she have a crystal shoes.Yes, today, I want to talk about crystal. Crystal is a very ancient gem. Its chemical composition is silica. Thi...READ MORE>>
  • China Snap pouch---Yadao manufacturer
    Release on2021-04-15
    Hello,This is Yadao Cloth Pouch Manufacturer. There are many styles of pouch,such as drawstring pouch,zipper pouch,snap pouch, botton pouch. Today let me introuduce our snap pouch. Our main product...READ MORE>>
  • China Diamond Trivia manufacturer
    Release on2021-04-14
    Hello and Welcom to the yada cloth bag maker. Everyone loves diamond, but do you know a diamond trivia? Okay, let me share with you about three diamond trivia 1.Diamond and coal are made of the same carbon element, they only...READ MORE>>
  • China  Trivia of pearl manufacturer
    Release on2021-06-18
    Hello,This is Yadao Cloth Pouch Manufacturer. Today we talk about some Trivia of pearl. Pearls will dissolve in vinegar. The principle is actually very simple. The main ingredient of pearls is calcium carbonate, which is...READ MORE>>
  • China What are sister gems-rubies and sapphires manufacturer
    Release on2021-04-12
    Hello,This is Yadao Cloth Pouch Manufacturer. Ruby and sapphire are beautiful color and transparent corundum which two chemical components are aluminum oxide, is a colorless substance should be pure, containing traces of a multi...READ MORE>>
  • China PEARLS  manufacturer
    Release on2021-04-10
    Hello and welcome to Yadao Cloth Pouch Manufacturer. Pearls are round beads formed by foreign objects in the ocean or freshwater that are introduced (or artificially put into) the body by frictional stimulation and the pearl fluid secret...READ MORE>>
  • China JADEITE manufacturer
    Release on2021-04-09
    Hello and welcome to Yadao Cloth Pouch Manufacturer. We talk a lot about protecting our jewelry in the past days. Now,we discussing something interesting----Jadeite Yes, everybody loves jadeite. Jadeite is known as the king...READ MORE>>
  • China Maintenance of platinum manufacturer
    Release on2021-04-08
    Hello,This is Yadao Cloth Pouch Manufacturer. The collision between platinum and platinum may cause displacement, so it should be stored separately. The platinum is washed with a diluted neutral lotion, then washed with water and...READ MORE>>
  • China Maintenance of gems manufacturer
    Release on2021-04-07
    Hello,This is Yadao Cloth Pouch Manufacturer. Maintenance of gems The gems and diamonds must be stored separately to avoid mutual wear and scratches. Acidic substances, sweat, cosmetics or oils will all make gems lose their lu...READ MORE>>
  • China Maintenance of jadeita manufacturer
    Release on2021-04-06
    Hello,This is Yadao Cloth Pouch Manufacturer. Let's talk some about jewelry. Do you know how to maintanence jadeita? Jade avoid high temperature and avoid contact with open flames. So don't wear it when cooking, so as ...READ MORE>>
  • China Maintenance of gold manufacturer
    Release on2021-04-02
    Hello,This is Yadao Cloth Pouch Manufacturer. Today we continue to talk how to care your jewelry. Maintenance of gold Gold and platinum are commonly worn. The texture of gold is relatively soft, so pay attention to deformation...READ MORE>>
  • China Protect your Diamonds manufacturer
    Release on2021-04-01
    Hello,This is Yadao Cloth Pouch Manufacturer. Today let me introuduce how to take care of your diamonds. 1.Diamond jewelry should be stored separately to avoid friction and scratches between the two. 2.Diamond is oil-absorbent...READ MORE>>
  • China How to care for your jewelry? manufacturer
    Release on2021-03-31
    Hello and welcome to Yadao Cloth Pouch Manufacturer. Today,let me tell you how to care for your jewelry. 1. First, gold jewelry stored separately in a jewelry pouch, but also to wear a habit and exhausted do not throw put together oth...READ MORE>>
  • China We moved to new office---Shuibei manufacturer
    Release on2021-03-30
    Hello,This is Yadao Cloth Pouch Manufacturer. We have a good news to share with you:we move to a new office! Let me introduce jewelry city---Shuibei The rapid development of jewelry packaging industry, have to mention Shuibei&nbs...READ MORE>>