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What sizes do you have?

What sizes do you have?

Shirley Shirley 2023-08-31 14:45:31

Customers often ask, what is your standard size?


Then my answer is of course that we don't have a standard size, because we can make any size.

But it's okay if you don't know what size you want, you can tell me what the use of these pouches/bags will be for you, and I will recommend you the right size based on our experience.


Generally speaking, 80*80mm small pouches are most popular with jewelry customers, and you can choose to match a 90*90*25mm drawer box.

If you are interested in knowing the price, you can ask for more details about the product via Whatsapp below.


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If you are a jewelry store selling offline, you can also match it with a shopping bag. You can refer to the size of 140.


We provide samples and you are welcome to contact us~