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About LOW MOQ Products

About LOW MOQ Products

Shirley Shirley 2021-09-28 23:15:13


Everyone knows that we have some requirements for the quantity of products ordered, usually the minimum order is 3000 pcs.

But many new friends have reported the same problem, that is, for their just starting business, they want 200-500 pcs instead of 3,000 pcs.
Then if you have the same problem, please continue to read the full article.

 I will tell you why Yadao will launch a small batch of pouch projects at this time~ 


We update different styles of pouches every day, and many people are very interested in these pouches.

It is true that our design is loved by many customers, and there is nothing to say in terms of quality. Our products are sold all over the world at very competitive prices. But we want to establish cooperative relations with more customers.

 For both of us, the biggest difficulty is quantity.

Considering the cost of raw materials and labor, small quantities are too difficult for us.

On the contrary, for some new jewelry stores, our moq is far beyond their acceptable range.

We summarized many inquiries in the past and found that 200-500 pcs are the most sought-after quantity range.

Therefore, after many meetings and discussions, 

 we finally realized our desire for a small order! 

We have selected the 6 most popular pouches and drawer paper boxes in the past two years.
You must be curious about the styles, colors, materials, etc. of these products.

Welcome to follow the next article.
I will tell you what are the options~