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Which Jewelry Holds Its Value?

Which Jewelry Holds Its Value?

Cici Cici 2022-06-08 09:23:07

Which Jewelry Holds Its Value?

With the improvement of living standards and the improvement of economic level, many young people choose to use jewelry to decorate themselves. Under the decoration of jewelry, they will appear more beautiful and more charming. Among these jewelry, gold, silver, platinum, Diamonds are everyone's favorite. And with everyone's demand for these jewelry, those jewelry stores are also making a lot of money. How to choose jewelry? What kind of jewelry can keep its value?


1, gold jewelry preservation. When it comes to value preservation, in fact, the first thing that comes to mind is gold. Gold has always been a favorite accessory for Chinese people. The most mainstream reason is that everyone believes that gold has the function of preserving value. However, in daily wear, gold jewelry will be somewhat worn and tarnished, which has a certain impact on its value. If it is purely from an investment point of view, then gold bars are the most appropriate choice. Gold bars are divided into two types: ordinary gold bars and Chinese New Year gold bars. Because the collection value of New Year's New Year gold bars is far greater than the investment value, and the price of gold at the time of sale is much higher than the price of ordinary gold bars, it is not suitable as an investment object.

2, jade jewelry preservation. Jadeite's beautiful color and pure transparency make jadeite stand out among gemstones. The non-renewability of jadeite also creates the value preservation function of jadeite. But not all jadeite is suitable for investment, only high-grade jadeite has investment prospects. Moreover, due to the lack of a unified pricing system for jadeite and the serious adulteration phenomenon in the market, if investors themselves do not have a certain appreciative vision, even if they own a piece of high-quality jadeite, they will not be able to exert their value preservation and appreciation effect.

3, diamond jewelry value preservation. Diamond itself is a relatively rare gemstone. It is non-renewable and difficult to mine. High-quality diamonds are extremely rare. Therefore, diamonds also have a value-preserving effect. Under normal circumstances, diamonds of at least one carat or more have the qualification to preserve their value. The COLOR (color), CLARITY (clarity), and CUT (cut) of the diamond also each account for one-fifth of the evaluation weight. Usually, these kinds of diamonds that can preserve their value are expensive and not affordable for ordinary investors.

4. Colored gemstones preserve their value. Colored gemstones have been hot in the past two years, and it is predicted that there will be a boom in colored gemstones in 2017. In recent years, the shortage of colored gemstones also makes them have a certain collection value. Especially colored jewelry represented by ruby, sapphire and emerald. However, high-grade colored jewelry with high clarity and more than 1 carat has the function of investment and value preservation. And some low-grade gems on the market will not only not appreciate, but will depreciate.

The above is the introduction of which jewelry can preserve its value. To sum up, if we prefer jewelry preservation, then choose gold jewelry. If you don’t pay special attention to the preservation rate, you can choose your favorite jewelry.