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Variety of jewelry bag styles and colors

Variety of jewelry bag styles and colors

Cici Cici 2022-04-21 16:20:01

There are many styles and colors of flannel bags.

The material of flannel bags can be nylon bottom velveteen, knitted bottom velveteen, cotton bottom velveteen, double-sided velvet, plush and so on. This is only the most commonly used, and other less common materials such as pearl velvet, gem velvet, electronic velvet, and suede can be used as flannel bags.

At the same time, flannel bags can be divided into nylon flannel bags, knitted flannel bags, silk bottom flannel bags, cotton bottom flannel bags, plush flannel bags, and velveteen flannel bags according to the production materials; Flannel bag, drawstring flannel bag, single rope flannel bag.

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