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what material is suitable for making jewelry pouch?

what material is suitable for making jewelry pouch?

Moyne 2021-03-15 15:04:33

This is  Yadao Cloth Pouch Manufacturer.Today we talk about what material is suitable for making jewelry pouch.

Do you know what material are used for jewelry bags, mobile phone bags, etc. on the market? Let me tell you, many of them are velvet pouch. After investigation, the materials of these velvet pouch are different. In recent years, the demand and scope of flannel bags have increased. Today I want to share with you some of the characteristics of the material of the velvet pouch.

velvet pouch is also called drawstring jewelry bag and drawstring jewelry bag. It is a storage container made of velvet material. It is an environmentally friendly product that replaces plastic bags after the introduction of the "plastic limit order".

Whether you are making jewelry bags or mobile phone bags, you must choose a good flocking cloth. It is soft and comfortable, bright in color, and can prevent friction and collision, and can better protect jewelry, mobile phones and other items from damage.

The characteristics of knitted flocking cloth: soft texture, excellent elasticity, moisture absorption,smooth hand feeling, diverse colors, bold and bright colors, and rich suede. It is widely used in velvet pouch,such as packaging boxes, jewelry boxes, glasses boxes, watch boxes, gift boxes,  etc.

In fact, many flannel fabrics are suitable for making jewelry bags and mobile phone bags, such as rayon flocking fabric, mesh flocking fabric, double-sided fleece, etc. However, the unique elasticity of knitted fabrics can highlight the protection function, and the price is moderate. The first choice.