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The most popular pouch in 2020

The most popular pouch in 2020

Shirley 2020-07-11 00:00:00

Yadao has been focusing on the wholesale production of jewelry packaging for more than 15 years, and we have many popular products.
Today I want to share a pouch that has been extremely popular in the past year --- Double Pocket Microfiber Pouch

This pouch is made by hand stitching with high-quality microfiber material
It can be folded in half and closed with a ribbon
The design of the two pockets is suitable for the packaging of earrings, ring...etc. jewelry, can protect the jewelry from scratching each other
Many jewelers think this is a product with a strong sense of practicality and design

At the same time, we provide customized services
From the material, color, size, logo... can be completed according to your requirements

This blue and pink pouch is made of velvet material

And the closure is made of ribbon, which is also a very good match


What's more, this pouch can also be used with inner pad

The style of the inner pads will be cut according to the use function of different jewelry

The logo of this bag can be debossed or hot stamping, both are very beautiful
It will definitely promote your brand well~