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How to distinguish the quality of microfiber?

How to distinguish the quality of microfiber?

Moyne 2021-06-21 18:44:28

Hello,This is Yadao Cloth Pouch Manufacturer. Microfiber pouch is our hot sell product.So,how to  distinguish the quality of microfiber?Let me tell you ways!

Look texture, high-quality microfiber leather texture more clearly, but also a strong sense of leather, microfiber leather inferior not only the surface layer of coarse texture but also a strong sense of plastic.

Touch feel, high-quality microfiber leather has a good feel, flexibility, resilience, comfort are quite high.

Look at the crease, fold up the same kind of microfiber leather, compare the thickness of the wrinkle in the middle crease, and see whether the crease disappears quickly when recovering. The smaller the crease, the faster the disappearance represents the surface PU and the bottom base fabric of the microfiber leather. this is an important indicator of high-quality microfiber leather.

Look scratches with a hard object scratch microfiber leather surface, to see whether it will leave scratches, general quality microfiber leather surface is very scratch resistant.

See the bottom group, the base fabric is a key component of the skin microfiber, microfiber leather relation to overall performance, good fabric determines microfiber leather more stable performance.

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