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Why is the little blood amber more expensive than gold?

Why is the little blood amber more expensive than gold?

Cici Cici 2022-05-11 10:42:51

                                              Why is the little blood amber more expensive than gold?

As far as status is concerned, blood amber is among the precious amber, and its price used to be several times more expensive than gold. Not only is it popular with Chinese people because of its color, but it also contains great energy.
The blood amber was formed about 60 million to 120 million years ago in the Cretaceous period, and is one of the oldest amber in the world. The "blood" of "Xuepo" is actually an oxide layer. The conditions for the formation of blood amber are very demanding. When the ancient resin is buried in the ground, the surrounding temperature needs to be kept at about 80 degrees Celsius for a long time and stably (it will melt when the temperature is high, and it cannot be oxidized when the temperature is low) for several days. It takes ten thousand years, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of years to oxidize into blood amber.

Blood amber is not only a well-known decorative gem, but also a well-known functional amber. The organic matter contained in the blood amber is very rich, and these organic matter can provide a good nourishing effect to the human body, especially for the human blood circulation. However, blood amber has a fatal weakness, that is, it is easy to crack, because the iron dioxide contained in it will undergo an oxidation reaction after long-term contact with the air, and produce ice cracks on the surface. Therefore, we must wear it for a long time, so that it can also nourish it.


As the saying goes, what is rare is the most expensive. With the reduction of the original ore of the blood amber, most of the blood amber on the market are of average quality.