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Can silver jewelry detox?

Can silver jewelry detox?

Cici Cici 2022-05-10 11:57:58

                                                                                          Can silver jewelry detox?
Many people say that a person contains a lot of toxins and garbage, then wearing silver jewelry on our body may quickly turn black, just like the ancients used silver needles to test food and wine. No matter whether it is poisonous or not, if it is poisonous, the silver needle will turn black immediately, so if you wear silver jewelry regularly, it can help the body to flush out toxins.


The truth is that silver needles were used to test arsenic in ancient times. Because of limited technology in ancient times, arsenic would be mixed with a large amount of sulfur or sulfide, and silver would react with sulfur to form black silver sulfide precipitation, so silver would turn black when it encounters arsenic. This is why the ancients used silver needles to test poison.

Modern poisons and toxins need the assistance of scientific and technological means to be detected. It is impossible to judge with a small silver needle. Therefore, it is a wrong statement that silver jewelry can detoxify.

Silver jewelry can promote wound healing. Girls love beauty, and they reluctantly pierce their ears for beauty. Girls with sensitive skin do not pay attention after piercing their ears, which may cause inflammation of the piercing, or ulceration in severe cases. Afterwards, if you don’t wear earrings and you are afraid of pierced ears, you can choose silver earrings. Silver jewelry can promote wound healing, accelerate wound healing, and prevent infection.