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Zipper pouch | Button pouch

Zipper pouch | Button pouch

shirley shirley 2023-03-07 14:04:15


A zipper bag has a fastener made with two rows of teeth that can be opened and closed by sliding a tab along the length of the zipper. A button bag is a bag that is secured with buttons, either with snaps or traditional buttons and buttonholes.


1.  A zipper pouch is a great way to store jewelry that you don't wear frequently and need to keep organized. Start by gently placing your jewelry inside the pouch making sure not to overfill or damage any delicate pieces. When finished, zip it shut to keep everything neatly inside. 
2.  For jewelry that you wear often, a button pouch is the way to go. Lay out your jewelry and make sure all items are facing up. Place the jewelry inside the pouch and press the buttons together to make sure the pouch remains closed and secure.


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