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The most successful packaging design in the jewelry industry

The most successful packaging design in the jewelry industry

Cici Cici 2022-05-27 14:43:43

The most successful packaging design in the jewelry industry

The appearance of jewelry packaging is the concept of a brand and its influence on consumers, and it is also a method to realize the value of goods and use value.


Today's jewelry boxes are mainly based on the packaging shape and color application of the product as the main sales method. Jewelry box is the external image of jewelry and is the first impression left to customers, so it is extremely important to design a good jewelry packaging box.

The most successful packaging design case in the jewelry industry can be said to be Tiffany's little blue box.
Tiffany blue, the most successful color marketing in history. This Tiffany blue has become Tiffany's unique totem that continues to this day. Tiffany blue has its own RGB value (a color standard) and CMYK value (printing four-color mode), and also has a special Pantone color number 1837, which happens to be the year Tiffany was established. But because Tiffany has applied for a color patent, Tiffany blue cannot be found in Pantone's color matching system, and no one can use it without permission.

After more than 100 years of history, Tiffany Blue has been closely linked with Tiffany. As long as we see Tiffany, we will think of Tiffany Blue, and when we see Tiffany Blue, we know that this is Tiffany. But the most famous is this little blue box from Tiffany & Co. Be it rings, earrings, necklaces, diamonds or accessories, it will come in such an elegant box tied with a white ribbon. Tiffany also registered trademarks for "Tiffany Blue Box" and "Tiffany Blue Gift Box".


At that time, Mr. Charles Tiffany, the founder of Tiffany, laid down the rules that no matter how much customers are willing to pay, the small blue box will never be sold, only with the product. The New York Sun in 1906 also mentioned this in a report.

However, the less you sell it, the more people want it. Although Tiffany prohibits the private sale of blue boxes, they are often sold online for more than $200.

Some people say that Tiffany blue is the most expensive blue in the world. The reason why I say this, I think it is not only because Tiffany sells jewelry, not only because of Tiffany's huge annual sales, but because Tiffany blue, a refreshing and unique color, gives Tiffany a unique brand connotation and brand. Value, this is a huge inexhaustible intangible wealth. Many famous brands have their own unique logo colors, such as Coca-Cola Red and Nivea Blue, which both outsell Tiffany & Co., but few would say with admiration that these colors are the most expensive colors in the world.


There are so many jewelry brands in the world, but when it comes to Tiffany, you will still feel that it is different, because in everyone's mind, Tiffany is not only a jewelry, but also a symbol of romance and a token of love. Only Tiffany blue has such a magic power, which makes women's pupils dilate and their hearts speed up when they see it.