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The importance of jewelry display props

The importance of jewelry display props

Cici Cici 2022-05-17 10:14:16

The importance of jewelry display props

Entering the mall, the first thing that catches our eyes is the row upon row of jewelry counters. A dazzling array of all kinds of jewelry compete for beauty, like a girl in bloom, and it also needs the finishing touch.

1. Clarity, when jewelry is placed on the counter, a way to observe from the consumer's point of view. It can clearly and objectively allow consumers to appreciate the style, line, tone, size, etc. of each piece of jewelry. It will not affect the display effect of the jewelry because of the overlapping and poor placement of the jewelry.

2. Thematic, in order to better allow consumers to understand and be familiar with jewelry. In the process of display, we need to fully understand the nature and function of jewelry, in order to make better use of jewelry display props, and make reasonable combinations to highlight the visual theme effect of the entire jewelry.


3. Series, different jewelry has different series. Deqi jewelry display props are designed to avoid the jewelry display being too chaotic, which confuses the sight of customers.


4. Flexibility, which is convenient for consumers to completely take out and receive jewelry from the counter under the premise that they need to inspect the jewelry. It is also convenient for the staff of the jewelry store to make periodic and non-periodic skill changes according to the influence of some external factors such as the store's environment, passenger flow and competitors.

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