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Do you know why you should customize jewelry props?

Do you know why you should customize jewelry props?

Cici Cici 2022-05-18 11:16:43

Do you know why you should customize jewelry props?

Visual merchandising is a general term for the way that stores convey visual information to customers. Among them, jewelry display props have flexible and changeable design methods and targeted unique designs, which play an important role in the visual marketing of jewelry. The first consideration in jewelry display is how to make customers willing to stop for you and even resonate with customers. Use some ingenious ideas and artistic techniques when carrying out jewelry display to capture the attention of customers. So did you know that custom jewelry props also have such a role?

1. Highlight jewelry and increase value
Jewelry is more prominent in displaying external beauty, and its display effect is also easy to be reflected. Unique jewelry products, it is placed in a prominent position, illuminated by spotlights, and then matched with other foils and decorations, its elegant style and fine workmanship can be clearly presented in front of customers, and it is easier to impress customers.
2. Build brand image and enhance attractiveness
As we all know, jewelry display is the first display point of the brand, whether customers pay attention to the product depends on the rationality and conspicuousness of the jewelry display. Good jewelry display can build customers' impression of the brand and increase customer stickiness.

3. Build your brand and improve your competitive advantage
Window design, display and placement of jewelry on the counter, lighting, color, POP posters, etc. are the key elements that make up a good atmosphere in a store. These components can be used to create a jewelry brand with a unique personality, and through the differentiation between brands, enhance brand recognition and gain competitive advantages.
4. Can increase sales
Good display and poor display have a great impact on sales. This is one of the reasons why many brands and businesses at home and abroad attach great importance to product display. Jewelry display can arouse consumers' desire to buy and prompt them to take buying actions.