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Introduction to the maintenance method of diamond jewelry

Introduction to the maintenance method of diamond jewelry

Cici Cici 2022-04-29 11:45:51

People love to use diamonds to symbolize love. The hardness of diamonds symbolizes the constancy of love, the purity of diamonds symbolizes the purity of love, and the brilliance of diamonds symbolizes the enthusiasm of love. Just as beautiful love needs careful care, gorgeous diamonds also need careful maintenance.

▸▹Diamond Source
Diamond refers to the polished diamond, which is a single crystal composed of carbon elements formed under the conditions of high pressure and high temperature in the deep part of the earth.

▸▹Daily maintenance
1. Each piece of jewelry should be stored independently to avoid scratches due to mutual friction.
2. Do not contact with household chemicals such as cosmetics, perfumes and bleach to avoid surface erosion.
3. It is not suitable to wear jewelry when exercising, swimming, sleeping and handling housework.
4. Avoid exposing the jewelry to sudden changes in temperature. If you take a cold shower immediately after the steam bath, the jewelry you wear may not be able to withstand the pressure of thermal expansion and contraction, and the gemstones in the jewelry may be cracked.
5. The environment that is too hot is not suitable for storing jewelry. When cooking, be careful not to damage the jewelry due to hot smoke.
6. The sweat of the human body will erode the jewelry, so it can be wiped clean with a damp flannel after wearing it in summer.
7. Precious metal jewelry with complex craftsmanship is difficult to repair once damaged and cannot be restored to its original appearance. Do not pull, fold, twist or pull when wearing it.

▸▹Diamond Care Instructions
Diamonds are easy to stick to oil and dirt, making them lose their luster, and oil must be avoided as much as possible when wearing them every day.