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How was the red jade formed? It's so beautiful

How was the red jade formed? It's so beautiful

Cici Cici 2022-05-05 16:52:37

How was the red jade formed?

Red jade refers to jade with a red hue as the main color, and the hue includes the hue that is shifted left and right with red as the center. Including yellow-red, orange-red, maroon, bright red, etc., there are certain shades of color changes. The color of red jadeite is not the color of the jadeite mineral crystal itself, but the color formed by the foreign iron elements entering the gap between the jadeite crystals. It belongs to the secondary color of jadeite. Therefore, the red color of jadeite is generally located on the epidermis of the jadeite raw material or lighter below the epidermis. s position.


Because jade with good water and high density is difficult to penetrate, red jade with good water and bright colors is rare, and its price is comparable to that of full green jade.
In other words, most of the red jadeite species are not very good. The red jadeite is mostly bean species, and rarely reaches the waxy species. The red ice jadeite is the best.
The transparency and moisture of natural red jadeite are much better than that of baked jadeite.
When purchasing, the light source for transparent observation should avoid red or yellow light sources as much as possible, and choose white light sources instead.
Because under the light, the use of warm light such as red and yellow makes the jadeite with thin red flesh appear redder under the illumination of the light, which is easy to be mistaken for a thick red flesh.