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Common sense of jewelry maintenance and maintenance~

Common sense of jewelry maintenance and maintenance~

Cici Cici 2022-05-25 16:32:27

Common sense of jewelry maintenance and maintenance~

Basically, all jewelry is not recommended to wear in the bath! The jewelry you bought is not a roadside stall for dozens of dollars. If it breaks, just throw it away. It hurts to think about it. Jewelry needs to be well maintained in daily wear, in order to keep the jewelry fresh!

Jewelry may come into contact with hot water, water vapor, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and other daily chemical products, as well as Yuba strong hot light or hot air that some babies will use. For jewelry, it is probably equivalent to a human being in a flame. In the mountains or in the nuclear radiation zone of Fukushima, you must know that the corrosion of jewelry by bathing is a process that accumulates over time, and it is a process of qualitative change that cannot be manifested all at once. Second, maintenance is a delicate work. Only you can feel the subtle changes in life with your heart. Feel the change, take a shower, wash your hair, wash your hands...wash the dishes! Even any grease from daily life will stick to your jewelry and gemstones, leaving it in the dead corner and no matter how to wipe it off. Everyone knows that cosmetics or shower gels and other products contain certain chemical substances, and jewelry will fade and lose luster over time if they come into contact with them for a long time. In addition, in addition to pure gold jewelry that does not fade, jewelry made of other materials (including luxury counter jewelry) will oxidize and blacken or fade over time. Diamonds are the hardest among precious metals, but they are not without weaknesses.

Diamonds are hard, but the angular culet is the most prone to cracking and is particularly sticky. It's all about being knock-proof and not getting oily (so, don't touch the diamond when it's all right!!!) Also, the diamonds need to be placed individually because the two diamonds will also wear each other out.

The hardness of different gemstones is different, there are high and low, but the friction between the edge parts is easy to wear.


So don't take a shower with jewelry, and don't wash with jewelry of different materials.